Issue 6

For issue six, we spoke to designer and startup-advisor Daniel Burka; Adobe's vice-president of products Jeff Veen; The Verge co-founder and editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky; indie artist and Big Cartel co-founder Matt Wigham; Tumblr's Berlin-based director for international development, Jenna Brinning; and Jon Lax, co-founder of Canadian digital agency Teehan+Lax.


Daniel Burka

Design Partner at Google Ventures — on making a burning fox an iconic brand, the similarities of game and iOS design, and guiding startups as a creative advisor.

Jeff Veen

Vice-President of Products, Adobe — on his career start at Wired Magazine, vice-presidenting vs. running a startup, and his never-ending search for flow.

Joshua Topolsky

Co-founder/editor at The Verge — on his low tolerance for journalistic bullshit, cracking up Jimmy Fallon, and spending his bar-mitzvah money on video games.

Matt Wigham

Co-founder of Big Cartel — on his passion for music, and building a sustainable, bootstrapped business as an artist who happens to make software.

Jenna Brinning

Director for Int'l Development, Tumblr — on celebrating the fall of a wall, heading up the internationalisation of Tumblr, and being a transatlantic commuter.

Jon Lax

Co-founder/Partner at Teehan+Lax — on the challenges of setting a vision for his agency, being a pioneer of online journalism, and wearing Cosby sweaters.


Food for thought by Ash Huang and Connor Tomas O’Brien

From the diaries of pixel artists and code wizards: Kate Kiefer Lee, Melissa Miranda, Nalden, Sacha Greif, Sean Blanda

Profile: VSCO
How Greg and Joel built a digital business on analogue nostalgia. By Greg Lutze.

The desks of San Francisco photographed by Ike Edeani: Alice Lee, Bill Couch, Brett Slatkin, Dave Johannes, Dustin Senos, Geoff Koops, Jez Burrows, Julie Ann Horvath

Four perspectives on the idea of work-life balance: Garrett Murray, Jon Gold, Meryl Job, Mikael Cho

Gear Guide
Melanie Daveid's desirable items for the modern web worker.

Profile: Typecast
How Paul and Jamie's tool for better web typography went from side project to being acquired. By Jamie Neely.

A look behind the scenes of the workspaces of digital creators: SND CYN Studios, Dropbox, VSCO, Present Plus, Google Dublin, Bigcommerce

Match Makers
How growing companies build extraordinary teams: Bryan Haggerty, Charles Adler, Greg Brockman, Joris Luijke

A concept for being better together by Pat Allan

A personal message to the web by Charlie Gleason

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