Issue 5

In our fifth issue we speak to Mac-app and iOS-game designer Neven Mrgan; entrepreneur and body-hacker Ryan Carson; mobile photography enthusiast Jessica Zollman; icon design maestro Jon Hicks; the CEO of dorm-room startup Squarespace, Anthony Casalena; and Malaysian-American web designer and avid cyclist Naz Hamid.


Neven Mrgan

Designer at Panic Software — on designing through pop culture references, and a food obsession that borders on problematic.

Ryan Carson

CEO/Founder of Treehouse — on being a naive optimist in life and business, embracing a four-day work week, and hacking his body.

Jessica Zollman

Community Evangelist at Instagram — on her role as a community evangelist for tens of millions of users, and organising a conference for mobile photographers.

Jon Hicks

Independent Icon Designer — on being a colourblind designer, creating globally recognised icons, and how cycling changed his life.

Anthony Casalena

CEO/Founder of Squarespace — on convincing his dad for seed capital in order to build a successful company that reflects his life as an anti-hoarder.

Naz Hamid

Founder/Designer at Weightshift
on working with the web’s biggest brands in a small, agile team, and growing up as a third culture kid.


Food for thought by Corey Vilhauer and Rachel Andrew

From the diaries of pixel artists and code wizards: Heather Payne, Matthew Bostock, Mike Harding, Tim Riot, Tina Essmaker

Field Guide
A travel guide to 14 exciting cities by and for designers, developers and entrepreneurs — presented by Chris Palmieri, Daniel Howells, Iris Eda Atalay, Jarred Bishop, Joakim Green, Karen Schoellkopf, Marta Armada, Mike Cravey, Nicholas Haralambous, Paul Campbell, Peter Robinett, Richard Francis, Simon Wright, Tiffany Conroy

A photo essay and portrait series about the people who make Youtube — with Billy Biggs, Nicky Crane, Josh Sassoon, Slave Jovanovski, and Trevor O’Brien, photographed by Jonny Mack

The role of music in the lives of those who change its future: Alexander Ljung, Gustav Söderström, Jim Lucchese, Malthe Sigurdsson, Martin Stiksel

Gear Guide
Allan Yu's desirable items for the modern web worker.

A look behind the scenes of the workspaces of digital creators: Bakken & Bæck, Foursquare, Panic, StumbleUpon, Welikesmall, Xero

Key ingredients and individual approaches to successful apps: Andrew S. Allen, David Barnard, Franz Bruckhoff, Matt Comi, Sophia Teutschler

A personal message to the web by Nicole Jones

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