Issue 4

The fourth issue introduces a new, compact format, more pages and a bigger variety of features. Our interviewees in this issue are Australian surfer and CEO Dave Greiner, San Francisco based Designer Timoni West, Technical Director and bouzouki player Jeremy Keith, Tweetie and Letterpress creator Loren Brichter, New York entrepreneur Brad Smith and Shopify co-founder Daniel Weinand.


Dave Greiner

Co-founder of Campaign Monitor — on how his company grew out of a side-project, and why he’s flying his entire team to a resort in Fiji.

Timoni West

Independent UI Designer — on being a creative freelancer and co-founder in one, and moving from a remote farm to bustling San Francisco.

Jeremy Keith

Technical Director at Clearleft — on playing the bouzouki, and why his job as Technical Director involves a lot of goofing off on the Internet.

Loren Brichter

Independent iOS Developer — on the success of developing iOS apps for millions of users, and building his own bed in the Apple parking lot.

Brad Smith

Founder of Virb — on a failed startup that turned into a successful one, and why he wants us to quit waiting.

Daniel Weinand

Co-founder of Shopify
on being in charge of making people happy, and why his friends call him a polymath.


Food for thought by Chris Bowler and Marc Thomas

From the diaries of pixel artists and code wizards: Steve Gilles, Cheryl Yau, Max Sebela, Aaron Weyenberg, Geri Coady

Keavy McMinn on conviction, failure and long-term success

Tyler Thompson in search of mystery, finds himself

Gear Guide
Tobias van Schneider's desirable items for the modern web worker.

The people and stories behind successful web conferences: Chris Shiflett, Maxine Sherrin, Robert Eerhart, Eric Meyer, Marc Thiele, Simon Collison

Pixel Perfection
The process behind Softfacade's stunning icons, by Dmitry Tsozik

Some of the lessons learned from years of freelancing: Brian Hoff, Sarah Parmenter, Wolfgang Bartelme, Keir Moffatt, Mike Kus

A look behind the scenes of the workspaces of digital creators: Kiva, Airbnb, Shopify, Minecraft, Gidsy, Fuzzco

About the challenges of growing into a real business: Vamos, Koken, bugherd, Geckoboard

A personal message to the web by Andy Pratt

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