Issue 2

In our second issue we speak with the legendary Iconfactory founder Gedeon Maheux, Berlin's Wunderkind Christian Reber, robot-inspired app maker Mark Jardine, Sketchnote artist Eva-Lotta Lamm, retro-game designer Shaun Inman and British Software entrepreneur Dan Counsell.


Gedeon Maheux

Co-founder of The Iconfactory — on building his iconic company and meeting the love of his life in an AOL chatroom.

Christian Reber

Co-founder of 6Wunderkinder — on co-founding a start-up with his girlfriend and being an advocate for Berlin’s thriving start-up scene.

Mark Jardine

Co-founder of Tapbots — on growing up in Asia and Hawaii, and how his iPhone apps were inspired by a Pixar movie.

Eva-Lotta Lamm

UI Designer at Google — on publishing her sketchnote books and discovering her Germanness while living in Paris.

Shaun Inman

Independent Web & Game Developer — on his furious Final Fantasy sessions, and composing chiptunes for his latest retro game.

Dan Counsell

Founder of Realmac Software — on being a vegan and dad of three, while running a successful software company.


Food for thought by Andy Mangold and Shawn Blanc

From the diaries of pixel artists and code wizards: Felix Haas, Ines Gamler, Arttu Mäki, Iris Lješnjanin, Nick La

Meeting new faces of the web community Jean-Marc Denis, Tina Stäheli-Shinohara, Martin Karásek, Tiffani Jones Brown, Marcel Wichmann

A look at what’s on the desk of Chris Glass

A look behind the scenes of the workspaces of digital creators: Teehan + Lax, Disqus, Zurb

Crucial moments that changed everything: Noah Stokes, Laura Brunow Miner, Morgan Allan Knutson, Chesley Andrews, Mike Precious

What do you see when you look out your office window? Tim Riley, Jessica Harllee, David Yeiser, Dominique Leca, Dean Hudson

Thoughts on designing for mobile by Jeff Broderick, Marc Edwards

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