Issue 1

Our inaugural issue includes conversations with web standards wizard Dan Cederholm, all-round-talent Drew Wilson, former design lead Hannah Donovan, 37signals' designer and product manager Ryan Singer, design entrepreneur Andrew Wilkinson and pixel-perfectionist Benjamin de Cock.


Dan Cederholm

Author, Founder of Dribbble — on playing the banjo, finishing his fourth book, and running a community of creative Dribbblers.

Drew Wilson

Independent Web Developer — on growing up on a farm, putting his family first, and organising his own web design conference.

Hannah Donovan

Designer at The Echo Nest — on moving from Canada to London to design a better experience for music on the web.

Ryan Singer

UI Designer at 37Signals — on how philosophy changed his view on UI design, and finding balance through meditation.

Andrew Wilkinson

Founder of MetaLab — on building several successful online businesses and his ever-increasing shoe collection.

Benjamin de Cock

Designer, Founder of Kickoff — on the benefits of living in the Belgian countryside and the lessons learned launching his app.


Food for thought by Jack Cheng, Ashley Metz

From the diaries of pixel artists and code wizards: Paul Robert Lloyd, Jenn Lukas, Pat Dryburgh, Kristina Schneider, Adii Pienaar

Meeting new faces of the web community Michael Flarup, Allison House, Justin Morris, Allison Grayce Marshall, Zach Acuna

A look at what’s on the desk of Scott Boms

A look behind the scenes of the workspaces of digital creators: Campaign Monitor, Soundcloud, The Wonderfactory

Two friends start working for competing companies: Sam Brown, Tim Van Damme

10 things I learned from retro computing: Earle Castledine

What do you see when you look out your office window? John Barton, Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain, Tim Lucas, Trent Walton, Timothy Meaney

Thoughts on designing for the web by Robyn Morris, Charles Riccardi

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